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Absolutely no one wants to work in an office space that’s boring and drab. Come on, we spend 40+ hours a week doing our jobs, so we might as well take the time to decorate our nooks so that we can actually look forward to waking up and busting our booties. Yeah, I said it. It’s also a v good excuse to bring our Pinterest boards to life. So if you’re looking to zhuzh up your work quarters, you’ll find this list of work office decor ideas veryyy useful.

Keep in mind that the ~energy~ of the room is crucial. Youll want it to have all the comfy, cozy, and relaxed vibes to balance out the tension you may feel from attending meetings, working on projects, and general work stress. To help you make your office as zen and motivating as possible, I’m here with 21 office decor pieces that’ll totally transform your environment. Whatever your workspace sitch is—whether you’re doing the whole WFH thing or you’ve got a cubicle that needs some revamping—you’ll find a bunch of chic (and incredibly useful) office decor pieces below!

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these elegant picture frames

Modern Acrylic Frames – Brass

It’s time to move on from those basic white picture frames. Swap ’em out for these super chic acrylic ones that’ll make your walls look like they’re straight out of an art gallery.


this sleek bookshelf

5-Shelf Modern Bookcase

Invest in a pretty bookshelf if you need extra storage space.


this adorable plant pot

Ivory Mirrored Pots

Fun, decorative planters are a great (and easy!) way to add some spice to your office. This handmade pot is neutral for nearly any type of aesthetic.


this chic tray

Leopard Catchall, Green

Use this stylish tray to hold your keys, cardholder, loose change, or whatever small trinkets you’d like. But if you want the design to shine (I get it, she’s gorge), you can def let her sit there and just do her thang.


this multi-faceted desk lamp

LED Desk Lamp

Come on, it’s 2022—your desk lamp should have a wireless charging pad and USB port. I know you don’t wanna deal with annoying, tangled cords anymore! You’ll be thanking me for this upgrade later.


this gorge art print

Wrapped 27″ H x 18″ W x 1″ D Canvas Print

An art print can really complete a room. You’ll be surprised! This soothing canvas will be so on-theme if the place has a muted color palette. (And a bonus: She’s on sale RN!)


this desk mirror

Desk Vanity Mirror

Personally, I swear by having a desk mirror! It comes in clutch when you need to do a mid-day makeup touchup or check if you’re presentable for a Zoom call.


these fun bookshelves

Steps Bookend

Organize your books and notepads with these bold bookends. It’s an effortless way to incorporate pops of color if you want to brighten up your nook.


this tall plant

Large Fan Palm

Bring some life into the room with a beautiful plant. This green bb doesn’t need much maintenance—so I suggest choosing this one if you’re always busy with work.


this marble clock

Onyx Table Top Clock

Clocks don’t have to be clunky and tacky. Choose this sleek, marble beaut that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Peep that under-$50 price tag!


this wool rug

Wool-Blend Rug

Shout-out to H&M’s home section for blessing us with this stunning wool rug. It’ll look perf in your office if you’re going for a natural, earth-tone vibe.


this fab desk organizer

Female Body Desk Organizer

Guys, how lovely is this female-shaped vase? You can hold your pens in it, put a mini bouquet inside, or simply have it as eye candy. Up to you!


this sophisticated calendar

Acrylic & Brass Modular Wall Organization

A dry-erase board, but make it chic.


this cute ottoman

Round Velvet Ottoman

If you’ve got a couch situation in your office, its perfect match is this versatile ottoman. It can be used as a side table, footstool, and even a seat.


this luxe diffuser

Sunday Morning Reed Diffuser

Set a relaxing ambiance with a diffuser. This flame-free room fragrance gives off botanical aromas that’ll have the area smelling fresh and clean.


this pretty tray set

Wood and Marble Circle Desk Tray Set

We love an accent piece that’s both charming and useful. Store your office accessories in these so your desk doesn’t get cluttered.


this elegant trashcan

Chelsea Cement Wastecan

Yes, your trash can look good too. Exhibit A: This cement waste can.


this handy storage rack

Wood Office Storage Rack

Believe me when I say that desk shelving comes in c-l-u-t-c-h. You can fit sooo much more (without it looking messy, ofc) on it if you have shelves.


these stunning wall planters

Drop Wall Planters

These wall planters are straight out of a Pinterest dream. Decorate your walls with these wooden gems if you’re going for a boho and airy feel.


these charming lanterns

Mid-Century Wood Lanterns

Sophisticated candle holders will instantly mature the space if you want a refined look.


this sand sculpture

Sand Art with Stand

A moment of silence for this incredible sand art sculpture that belongs in the Met your office.

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