The fad that has come to stick, yet does it match with you?

Burnt cement

Are you ready to convey the burnt cement to your own home?

That’s the query I at all times ask my shoppers who point out their need to make use of this kind of floor.

With the plethora of choices that the structure marketplace lately provides, I’ve continuously perceived the desire that the general public has, on the time that this taste is discussed, as a type of financial system within the renovation.

burnt cement

I, as an architect who additionally carries out renovations, were knowing within the closing two years that the blistered cement truly got here to stick, yet subsequent to it comes some issues and frustrations, as a result of in spite of its versatility I see, as a qualified, that it does now not match in all profiles.

Due to this fact, ahead of making use of it to a venture, I typically make some specs: If the buyer in truth desires the blistered cement or he desires to get the glance that this subject material has.


I say this as a result of, whether it is the second one possibility, we’ve a number of different probabilities available in the market: there are laminate, vinyl, and porcelain tiles that meet the expectancies of consumers who need to convey this extra rustic facet to the gap. That is the place it turns into transparent why my preliminary query “Are you ready?” The burnt cement is made with cement and glue, and on the finish, we go a resin to provide some ‘resistance’ to the ground, alternatively, this can be a subject material that may purpose cracks [pequenas são comuns e potencialmente irão aparecer], stains and porosity – if you’re searching for a homogeneous end, know that unquestionably this flooring isn’t for you.


Due to this fact, it’s extra really useful for enormous warehouses – comparable to match facilities, which additionally use it ceaselessly – finishing up “smoother”. Then again, this can be a damp flooring and for properties or places of work does now not have a super end, in comparison, for instance, with a porcelain tile. Quite a few variables can affect the overall facet and I keep in mind once more: if you’re searching for one thing homogeneous and best, reconsider the usage of burnt cement. So, ahead of opting or now not for it, it’s price striking at the stability the benefits and drawbacks that this flooring can convey us.

Now, if you’re truly ready, guess in this stunning flooring, which, if composed with a harmonious house and fabrics that give a boost to this daring concept, will make your house even cooler, in a super union of rustic with trendy.

And now? Are you ready for the burnt cement?

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