Woman in stitches after realising £4 TK Maxx Easter decoration looks rather rude

Laura Reeves was chuffed after spotting a lovely floral Easter decoration in TK Maxx for just £3.99 – until she shared it on Facebook and people thought it looked rather rude

The decoration from TK Maxx

A woman has been left in stitches after purchasing a £3.99 Easter decoration from TK Maxx, only to discover it resembled something rather rude – which you definitely wouldn’t want on display in your home.

Laura Reeves bought the Easter decoration in good faith, thinking it would make a cute addition to her home, before taking to the the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group to share a picture of the ornament.

However, it wasn’t long before the post started garnering lots of attention from other shoppers, but not for the right reasons.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Laura said: “I stupidly didn’t realise that when I bought them but now I can’t unsee it.”

People thought the decoration resembled a sex toy

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Sharing images of her £3.99 purchase to the Facebook group, Laura wrote: “Not necessarily a bargain, but TK Maxx have some lovely Easter bits in. These are sooo sparkly and were only £3.99 each.”

But it wasn’t long before comments started rolling in that caused Laura to update her caption to say: “*EDIT* absolutely crying at these comments.”

One user joked: “Whole new meaning to flower power,” while another questioned: “Does it smell like poopourri?”

“I can’t unsee it now,” a third commented, while a fourth said the decoration “looks explicit.”

“If this is what we’re passing off as Easter decor now then I won’t be needing to visit I’m good to go,” another user wrote.

One person joked: “Can just imagine the conversation in A&E I tripped and fell.”

The floral Easter decorations are on sale in TK Maxx stores now – but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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