Floating Tiny House Travels 31 Miles a Day on Sun Energy: PHOTOS

The boat, a bespoke venture, is 15 m lengthy and four m vast.

At about 15m in length and spanning just over 4m in width, the boat includes several lounge and resting areas.

Johanna Hyperlink/Crossboundaries

The Fàng Sōng is able to touring on rivers, lakes, and inland waterways — simply no longer the open ocean.

According to Dwell, the home was designed after its owner, Marianne, decided she wanted to have the option of travelling across Germany and the rest of Europe.

Johanna Hyperlink/Crossboundaries

“Fàng Sōng” approach “chill out” in Chinese language.

The design was meant to be a combination of East and West inspriations, to reflect Marianne’s time living in Beijing and Berlin. It’s apt that Crossboundaries, which is also based in Germany and China, would design it.

Johanna Hyperlink/Crossboundaries

Its kitchen includes a pop-up eating desk. There may be additionally a foldable table hidden in a cupboard to supply a brief workspace.

The home includes a pop-up table for the kitchen area and a hidden foldable desk is included in a cabinet, providing a work from home spot.

Johanna Hyperlink/Crossboundaries

There are more than one entrances on every aspect of the boat for simple accessibility. The bow aspect supplies get right of entry to to the primary kitchen space.

There are entrances on each side of the boat for easier accessibility, while the bow side provides access to the main kitchen area.

Johanna Hyperlink/Crossboundaries

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